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Prevent Back Pain with the Trampoline

Trampoline Training Strengthens the Spine

The ideal daily workout can:

  • Strengthen the muscles of the entire back.
  • Improve blood flow through the vertebra
  • Strengthen the whole body without straining the joints

Movement is the Key to Preventing Back Pain

Especially against tension pain, movement often helps to alleviate back pain. Exercise also acts preventively by strengthening and training the core muscles that support and relieve the spine.

Back Pain Doesn’t Have to Be Inevitable

Get active and target back pain.
Here are 3 ways trampoline training prevents back pain:

  • The trunk muscles (i.e. the upper body) are trained
  • The fascia is worked out, as bonded fascia can cause pain
  • With sufficient exercise that’s also fun, you reduce stress—and even stress can be the cause of back pain!

And the best part: It’s fun to work out on a trampoline.

The Golden Rules of Back Pain Prevention

  1. Set up times for your trampoline training. Start jumping for a few minutes daily instead of for one hour once a week. Treat your workout schedule like an appointment with yourself and stick to it—trampoline workouts are more than fitness, they’re wellness treatments for your body and soul!
  2. Follow and complete the exercise workouts that we have put together with great care and according to the latest sports science findings. Our coaches are there to pick you up and be there each step of the way.
  3. Before starting your trampoline training program, consult your doctor and/or physiotherapist. Most doctors and physiotherapists recommend the trampoline, but there are a few studies that speak out against it. Please clarify this with your physician first.
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