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Strengthen the Immune System with Exercise

Prevention is Better than Fixing

Our immune system is a true marvel and effectively protects us against diseases and infections. But it also requires a little care too, like a healthy diet, adequate sleep. and exercise. Scientists agree that moderate aerobic endurance training is the optimum way to keep the immune system healthy.

For Strong Defenses

Workouts on the trampoline is the best aerobic workout because it doesn’t overwhelm the joints. Additionally, it’s the ideal training to boost the immune system because it strengthens the cardiovascular system, promotes the lymphatic flow (thereby expelling pathogens faster from the body), reduces obesity, and combats stress. In stress, lurks one of the biggest challenges to the immune system. Our everyday life, which is so often clocked and gives us little time to relax, is a major stress-inducing factor.

With regular trampoline training, you can reduce stress and tension in the body. Gentle jumping, swinging, and of course, more intensive training, massages your organs from the inside, provides nutrients to your muscles and joints, and releases endorphins. With the IKON, you can bounce the stress of your day away.

The Body's Garbage Disposal: The Lymphatic System

Our lymphatic system is the second most important fluid circulation system, after blood circulation. It plays a massive role to our immune system. The lymphatic system removes harmful invaders from the body and transports white blood cells. Yet unlike the blood stream, which is powered by the pumping of the heart, the lymphatic system doesn’t have its own motor. Lymphatic fluid is passively moved by muscle power.  In other words, the lymphatic system is entirely dependent on our athleticism. The perfect exercise tool for the lymphatic system is the trampoline. Not only are over 400 muscles used to jump on the trampoline, the gentle up-and-down movement stimulates the lymphatic flow as well.

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