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A Healthy Lymphatic System

Do you know what the lymphatic system is and its function? It performs the essential task of detoxing the body and consists of lymphatic fluid and lymph nodes, which are spread throughout the body. In fact, nearly 85% of your body fluid is lymph! When the lymphatic system is malfunctioning, the body becomes more susceptible to diseases and infections. Not to mention, can cause lymphedema, a serious form of swelling that’s can also be quite painful.

The Lymphatic System Performs Important Tasks

The lymphatic system is responsible for the following important functions in the human body:

  • It is the essential part of the immune system that carries white blood cells through the body and serves to maintain health.
  • It detoxes the body and removes tissue fluid.
  • The lymphatic system filters pollutants, pathogens and pathologically-altered body components, such as tumor particles.

Lymph fluid does not have an active pump for circulation (the way the heart circulates blood), and instead relies on muscle movement. (Another reason to exercise!) Swinging and jumping on the trampoline is excellent for the lymphatic system, as the up and down movements also stimulate the lymphatic flow.

Because of this effect, American alternative physician Dr. med. C. Samuel West has intensively examined the process, and subsequently calls the trampoline the "Lymphatisator.”  


Trampoline Training Prevents Lymphedema

If lymphatic fluid is not transported away properly, lymphedema (also known as a lymphatic edema, a visible and palpable swelling of the extremities) is imminent. Lymphedema can be caused in various ways; however, a remedy is exercise, especially swinging, jumping and bouncing on the trampoline. This type of movement gets the lymph going again, which also increases blood circulation. Additionally, it’s an effective prevention of lymphatic edema!

Risks and Side Effects

Even though exercise is healthy, not every exercise is equally suitable for every person. If you suffer from lymphedema, ask your doctor for the best trampoline exercises, and if you should work out with compression clothing.

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