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Superior Suspension for Smooth Movements

At the heart of the IKONs are the elastic ropes. Made of the highest quality, IKON offers four different strengths of cords. Choose the strength of ropes based on your weight and training goals. When purchasing an IKON PREMIUM model, the “Medium” ropes are included; however, you may purchase alternative strengths of ropes on the IKON online shop at Please note, the elastic ropes are subject to wear and tear, and might need to be replaced over time.

The Optimal Strength of Ropes

IKON Seilringstärke / Farbe - Grün Silver 60 kg -
IKON Seilringstärke / Farbe - Grün Blue 90 kg 60 kg
IKON Seilringstärke / Farbe - Grün Red 150 kg 120 kg
IKON Seilringstärke / Farbe - Grün Green 200 kg

150 kg

(Weight max. body weight) *The GS certification for premium models was made with „Red“ Strong ropes.

Superior Elasticity and Durability

The rubber elastic ropes are the soul of the IKON because of their unique structure. The inside of a single ring is a bundle of strong rubber fibers bound together by a bendable protective layer. Their composition makes them extremely elastic and durable. In the landing phase, the rubber fibers are stretched, and in the bounce phase, the fibers release the energy to generate a smooth sequence of jumping movements.

Made with attention to detail

engineered in Germany

IKON Trampolin - Handlebar (Premium)


The balancing handlebar is designed for easy assembly and disassembly, can be securely screwed to the frame, and is height-adjustable. The trampoline handlebar is wrapped with two foam pads for a comfortable grip and added safety during extended training sessions.

IKON Trampolin - Jumping Mat

Jumping Mat

The IKON trampoline jumping mat is woven with sturdy synthetic fibers, and is double stitched, UV resistant and waterproof. The material is non-slip, and carries easily and safely up to 110 kg (Basic) or 120 kg (Premium).

IKON Trampolin - Rope Rings and Suspension

Rope Rings and Suspension

The rope rings are made of elastic and resilient rubber bands that are covered in a protective layer of synthetic fiber. The clamps of the rope rings are made of sturdy stainless steel (Basic) or sturdy ABS plastic (Premium).

IKON Trampolin - Feet Stands (Premium)

Feet Stands

The feet are made of steel. They are stable and durable, designed to keep the trampoline firmly on the ground during a training session. The rubber caps absorb any impact from jumping movements and protect your floor.

Why You Should Choose IKON Trampoline

Each model is made with high-quality materials, and its modern, timeless design fits into any environment. There are more excellent reasons for choosing IKON trampolines: They are long-lasting, quiet, quick to assemble and dismantle, easy to stow away, and they meet the highest standards of quality. An icon keeps its promises!

Working out on a trampoline is healthy, easy on the joints, and fun, but only if the highest standards of quality were followed in the development of the trampoline.

At IKON, we value quality and pay attention to the smallest details throughout development. The feet and frame are made with high-grade steel for stability and longevity. The materials used for the jumping mat and elastic rings include special synthetic materials that are long-lasting and can carry a weight up to 110 kg (Basic) or 120 kg (Premium) without any problems.


We stand by the quality of our trampolines, and for that reason, give guarantees that exceed the statutory warranty period:

Trampoline IKON Basic IKON Premium
Guarantee frame 3 years 5 years
Guarantee mat 3 years 3 years
Guarantee frame 3 years 3 years
Guarantee rope rings 6 month 6 month

* Elastic Rings: Please note, the elastic ropes are subject to wear and tear, and might need to be replaced over time. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when the elastic ropes will wear down. Wear and tear of the cords occurs gradually and is subject to the intensity and frequency of use of the trampoline. 

Rule of thumb: It can be assumed that if the jumping behavior changes (for instance, if you can touch the ground when jumping), or the ropes and coating become worn, the elastic ropes should be replaced. Every IKON trampoline comes with two spare rope rings. More spare ropes can be ordered in the FLEXI-SPORTS online shop.  


IKON trampolines are built and packed with the utmost care; however, we cannot completely rule out the possibility of an error occurring. If the error is within the aforementioned warranty period, please contact us We will be happy to help you. The right to warranty begins on the date of purchase; please keep your invoices and receipts in a safe place for proof of purchase.

Certified Safety

All IKON trampolines are made with high-quality materials, are GS-Certified*, and blend into any environment with their timeless design. IKON trampolines are designed to be quiet, easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be stowed away to save space. They are the ideal choice for effective and safe work outs on a trampoline. With all premium models, you can choose the elastic rope tension and strength that best suits your fitness needs.

Intertek GSTÜV Süd

*For the GS certification of the PREMIUM series, rubber rope rings with the strength “Red” were used.

All IKON trampolines at a glance

IKON MINI 96 - Trampoline


The robust beginner’s device
with steel springs.

IKON BASIC 114 - Trampoline


The all-rounder for the whole family.



The premium trampoline for enthusiasts with discerning taste.



The trampoline in high-grade steel.

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