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Strength – The Work Done in the Muscles

What happens when you exercise and why does it strengthen our muscles? With every kind of movement, another movement takes place within the muscles: they expand and contract repeatedly—in technical language, this is called a contraction. If you walk, jog or jump on the trampoline, you go against gravity and are forced to find your balance to lift off and land. Our trampolines are designed so that the impact is particularly gentle. A steady jumping rhythm is made possible by the high-quality elastic rings and jumping mat, which is designed to soften your impact and gently catapult you back up. The result: An effective total body workout that spares the joints.

Increase Strength in the Trunk and Back

Core training — the training of our trunk muscles — has recently grown extremely popular. And not without good reason. The core makes up the front and back of the core of the body—not just the abdominal and back muscles, but also the waist and muscles of the lower back. As a unit, these muscles stabilize our entire body. Well-trained core muscles are also the best insurance policy against back pain. Last, but not least, core training ensures a beautiful, upright posture. How does a trampoline train the trunk muscles? When jumping or bouncing, your body leaps into a jump with tiny imbalances. You might not feel them, but your body recognizes what is going on. Your core muscles automatically get to work to fight the imbalance and stabilize itself.  

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