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For Body and Soul

Jumping into a Good Mood

Exercise is not only good for the body, it also does wonders for the soul—and this is known worldwide. For many reasons, doctors recommend moderate endurance training:

  • The heart and blood circulation are stimulated and strengthened
  • Over 400 muscles are trained
  • Exercise reduces stress and secretes endorphins

The last point has received the attention it deserves in recent years, as it’s become more widely known that stress is one of our greatest health risks.

Reduce Stress with Movement

From the school child to the property owner, everyone has stress. Stress isn’t an overreaction, but the response to what each individual feels to be a burden. For some, it’s the pressure to perform well at school, and for others, it’s mastering the balancing act between work, family, and leisure. Even free time can be stressful, namely when you allow yourself to stop moving so much. Vacation pounds are stressful all on their own. Good thing an active remedy is so easy!

Just Swing the Stress Away

Many people find gentle bouncing on the trampoline to be relaxing and stress-reducing. Might it be our body remembering the safe time in the womb? It’s quite possible that the sensations were very similar. In any case, trampoline jumping calms and relaxes the body and soul. We can explain the physical effects in detail, but unfortunately, we don’t know everything about the mental ones. What is clear, though, is that bouncing releases the body’s own happiness hormones—endorphins. Jumping on a trampoline makes you happy—try it for yourself and find out that a sweaty workout at your limit isn’t always the answer.

The Brain Also Benefits

You know by now that regular trampoline training is good for the body and soul. But did you know that even your little gray cells can benefit? Renowned neuroscientist Dr. Stefan Schneider from the Cologne Institute for Movement and Neurosciences explains this effect. "You can imagine this as if you reset a computer whose memory is overloaded," says Schneider. The most effective method for the brain is an average level of cardio intensity—just as it occurs when one uses a trampoline.

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