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Studies Show the Benefits of Trampoline Fitness Training

NASA Study

As early as 1979, the US space agency NASA commissioned a study on trampoline training, in which subjects ran on a treadmill or jumped on a trampoline. Comparisons of pulse rates, oxygen intake, and exposure to g-forces were tracked throughout its duration. At the time, trampolines were uncommon or unknown by the public, and the study aroused the interest of the science community. Below are the findings of NASA’s study on trampoline workouts:

  • Oxygen consumption is the same for running and trampolining, but work outs on a trampoline are significantly more intense > Trampoline training is significantly more efficient.
  • Unlike running, g-forces maintained measured places when jumping on a trampoline > Trampoline workouts are easier on the joints.

NASA's conclusion is enthusiastic: "Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.”

ACE Study (American Council on Exercise)

In a comparative study conducted in October 2016, the American Council on Exercises (one of the largest independent certification organizations in the field of sports and training) trained male and female college students on the treadmill and the trampoline. The calorie consumption was measured. Below are the results from the study:

  • Men burned on average 11 kcal per minute; women burned 8.3 kcal per minute.
  • One burns the same number of calories when jogging at 9.65 km per hour, cycling at 22.5 km per hour, or playing in a basketball game.
  • The conclusion: Work outs on trampolines are as effective as fast running and are far easier on the joints.
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