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The Right Way to Train

Barefoot, socks or with shoes?

It’s best to work out barefoot or with light sports shoes on a trampoline. With bare feet, you have a good feeling for the jumping mat, have optimal contact, and it massages your soles during training sessions. If you are not comfortable (yet), lightweight sports shoes with a thin sole are a good alternative. They would create friction on the mat, which is important for jumping safely. We advise against training with normal socks because the hold between socks and a jumping mat is poor. You could slip. However, there are special socks for trampoline training in the trade if you are interested.

Vary the Foot Posture

Work outs on a trampoline are wonderful training for foot and calf muscles, as well as the thighs. We recommend that you play with various foot positions: stretching and contracting the feet, walking on the heels and balls, and gently stretching the Achilles tendon.


A pre-workout warm-up prepares the body for a training session. It stimulates the joints to produce synovial fluid, warms up the muscles, gently lifts the heart beat and circulation, and prevents injury. The ideal work out is to walk and bounce gently on your IKON, swinging your arms loosely. To intensify your warm-up, turn your legs and hips in one direction as you jump, and twist your upper body in the other direction. Another trampoline warm-up move: Raise your knees alternately.


The cool-down process is neglected far too often. It’s a pity because on one side, it’s great for the soul to carefully return to everyday life, and on the other, a cool-down benefits the whole body. The heart and circulation can slow down, the blood transports oxygen into the cells, while the lymph metabolic residues are transported away. For your cool-down, gently rock back and forth for a few minutes on the mat. Stretch your arms and legs slowly in a controlled manner.

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