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Trampoline training is effective and fun

Every movement on the trampoline strengthens the body and burns fat!

When you work out on a trampoline, it's easy to get in shape with little effort and a lot of fun. You can jump, bounce, or walk—every movement you do on a trampoline effectively strengthens the whole body and burns fat. Over 400 muscles are used when training on a trampoline!  

Exercising with a trampoline detoxifies the body, puts you in a good mood, and burns calories!


First Steps

Trampoline training is easy

First, the good news: Trampoline training is easy, and you can do no wrong. And now the bad: Whoever has a trampoline at home has no more excuses. No more complaints about the long commute to the gym or related costs, the bad weather, and lack of time. With a trampoline, you always have 15 minutes! Even just 15 minutes can improve your stamina, strength, coordination, and agility—not to mention, your mood!

Do you want a professional trainer to help you take your first steps on a trampoline?

No problem, come and check out our DVD collection. Fortunately, training on a trampoline is easy. Start by standing on your trampoline and lightly bounce up and down. At the same time, let your arms move naturally to find an easy swinging rhythm. Spend some time bouncing like this and get used to the great feeling of lightness.

How much, how long and where?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question flat-out. The duration, frequency, and intensity of your training depends on many factors, including your fitness level and training goals. We do recommend that beginners who just want to get a little fitter should start with five minutes, three times a week. If you feel comfortable and strong, get on the trampoline daily. Then, increase your work-out intervals to 10 or 15 minutes.

If you are already fit and want to increase your stamina, train your heart, or lose weight, we recommend more intensive training. In this case, start with 30 minutes on the trampoline without a break, three times a week. Gradually increase the duration and frequency over time. Important: Listen to your body. Challenge yourself, but do overwhelm yourself!

Sample Exercises

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

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